Before playing You Have The Mask, I highly recommend going into fullscreen mode, unless you like the experience of playing games on a browser swinging from left to right. My apologies for once again failing to take into account the iframe around my game.

What is this place ? It feels so... colorless ? And why are those weird things resembling me trying to attack me as if their life depended on it ? Was that a light bulb or an astronaut ? What am I even trying to say here ?

Even if these phenomenons are nothing but a part of my imagination, there is still one thing I know for sure. I have the mask. They do not have the mask. And I will NOT let them change that part of my current situation for now.

While there is an ingame explanation about the controls, there is nothing explaining how the different actions works. If you prefer to try and discover by yourself what kind of effect they can have on you, you should probably stop reading now.

There are three kinds of items you can pick up in You Have The Mask : weapons, skills and consumables .

Your first weapon is a sword with a slash attack that can push back enemies. When you defeat an enemy. you can get a shot at looting the weapon it is using. The Axis Shooter will let you shoot bullets in a straight line in front of you. The Contact Damager let you do damage to enemies on contact, but does not give you protection against damage. The Auto Aim Rifle send out a burst of three bullets in the direction of the nearest enemy. Finally, the Slime Staff allows you to summon small slimes minions to attack your enemies.

You also start the game with the Self Throw skill, which offers you some instants of invincibility. Using it will throw your character forward at a great speed for a short distance and reverse the direction you were facing to allow a counter-attack on your pursuers. While you are equipped with the Running skill, holding down the C key will let you move at a higher speed. Using the Spirit Dash will let you perform the same manoeuvre as a Charger, which includes the invincibility period at the start of the rush. Finally, the Repulsor ability lets you repell all enemies around you as well as stunning them for a short time.

The third class of items, consumable items, is represented by a single item, the Health kit. While picking up a Health kit, it will be automatically used if you have lost more than 15 HP already. If you are still full of life, it will stack itself into a Skill-slot action that you can use to resplenish your health later on.