Please click on the black square to give it the focus so that your input can be processed by the game. I strongly suggest keeping the manual opened in another window, scrolled right at the bottom to give you quick visual access to the information you will need to solve the game.

This game has been tested on Firefox and Chrome, and should work fine within those two browsers.


Escapade is a puzzle game where you must discover an unknown environment to be able to unlock the exit. The game has three different difficulty settings based on the quantity of information you get about the levels before playing; which difficulty you play the game in is decided by which version of the manual you will download :

  • Soft Quartz Version is the easiest one. It makes the game beatable without any need for the output.
  • Blinking Grey Stone Version is the normal mode. You will need to take notes about the environment, but you will have ageneral idea of where you are at the start of each level.
  • Hardened Onyx Version is the hard mode. Using only vague hints about each levels, you have more chances to get lost in this version than the other ones.


Escapade - Soft Quartz Version 9 kB
Escapade - Blinking Grey Stone Version 7 kB
Escapade - Hardened Onyx Version 7 kB

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