plankton is a small game made for the Procedural Generation Jam 2016.

Taking inspirations from the roguelike genre, the main character, an @, will go through various dungeons and battle many foes. Here, you do not control your @ itself, but you can interact with it by controlling the dungeon generation, choosing which enemies it will encounter, and even directly affect the course of events by healing it or smiting its enemies.

HOW TO PLAY (controls)

Please click on the game itself to give it focus so that it can process your keyboard input. You will be met with a small message announcing that plankton does not support mouse input.

Arrow keys - move around in the menu, move your character (in human control mode)

X - execute the currently focused action in the menu

C - hide or show parts of the interface

HOW TO PLAY (guide)

There is no end to this game except your own; no win condition will bring you a congratulatory message about your victory here.

If you find yourself unable to resurrect a dead @, you can get a new one by resetting it with the 'Character reset' option in the first menu. Doing so will result in the loss of your current @.

Executing actions like healing your @ or resurrecting it will cost you faith orbs. Those can be found by your @ while exploring the dungeon.

Your @ current status is reflected by the meter bars and stats at the bottom-left of the screen. The red meter represents health while the blue meter fills with the experience gained through battle.

@ can spawn with (or be given) a nickname. This will provide a stat boost when gaining a level.

With a higher defense stat, enemy attacks will deal less damage.

With a higher speed stat, enemy attacks will miss more often.

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